Wednesday, March 14, 2012

(Re)Learning to Draw: An Exercise in Cthulhus IV: "Business Time"

Oh, Creativity. That special kind of mental illness that causes you to spend 12 solid hours drawing Cthulhu with a fedora on. So, if the written part of this post is mangled, that's why. I can't brain anymore. Really wanted to do it all from scratch, buas hour 12 approached, this seemed like an interesting/fun way to keep it from getting sloppy whilst finishing all in one go.

Find the first three installments herehere, and here.

I'm pretty proud that these four drawings are my only experience with a tablet- with no other attempts before or in between.

While making this, I had the best/worst situation ever. I thought of a blog post that I really wanted to write, but also didn't want to stop drawing. Write?Draw?Write?Draw? The creative's dilemma.

Credit where credit's due:
The Background
The Briefcase

Blarg. Done thinking. Also, I just attempted to put a comma into the word done 4 times. Umm... apostrophe, actually.

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